At KICKASS DIGITAL, we are in sync with the new rules of online engagement when it comes to meaningful interactions with your target audience.

In today’s world, things often change within a matter of days! Brands that connect with their communities with timely and relevant communication are likely to be more successful.

Branding and content marketing strategies must become smarter, and execution sharper. The key is to be responsive to changing needs of your customers.

With KICKASS DIGITAL, get integrated branding, digital, social, and content marketing services. And more.




✓  Search engines are the source of 93% of your web traffic

✓  Enhancing your old blog posts can boost traffic by over 111%

✓  Mobile-optimized sites are more trusted by 51% of consumers

✓  Businesses that show up on the first page of results get 92% of consumer traffic

✓  According to 72% of marketers, content creation is the most effective SEO tactic

✓  Companies with active blogs have 434% more indexed pages than competitors

✓  Blogs are important business tools to 81% of businesses

✓  Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than text

✓  Emails that contain video have 96% higher click-through rates

       Source: Joelhouse

For your digital marketing strategy to be effective, focus on integrating SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Local Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Responsive Web Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Landing Pages and Videos.


Marketing strategy
Today, marketing is omni-channel and 360. We help you decide the right mix of online and offline strategies depending on your type of business and budget. Not all social media channels work for everyone.

Social media management
We take care of your social media presence by churning out relevant and creative posts on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged. Promotional posts and key messages are boosed appropriately to reach targeted audience.

Content & blogs
Content is the most important element that contributes to search results. At Kickass Digital, we work with experienced writers to help optimize digital content and create relevant and engaging substance on a regular basis.

Branding & creative design
Brand identity and visual consistency across channels is vital for success. A lot depends on your brand’s first impression and perception among target customers. We also help with re-branding exercises.

Responsive websites
With everyone on-the-move, your website is accessed through a range of devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops. Your website is perhaps the first point of contact with your brand – and it better be responsive!

Search engine marketing
We get your website on Google and help with onsite keyword and content optimization. This helps maximizing SEO efforts and improve search engine rankings.

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Integrated creative design, digital marketing and social media agency in Chennai

KICKASS DIGITAL is a division of KICKASS DESIGN - a global design firm that delivers contemporary branding, design, marcom, and digital solutions to young brands that aspire to get awesome designs for high-impact growth.

With a team of highly experienced designers and social media experts based out of OMR, Chennai, KICKASS DIGITAL delivers creative, relevant, and innovative solutions for managing your social media presence and online engagement with your target consumers.

We are the destination for all your creative design requirements – be it branding, marketing collaterals, web, digital and social media management, UI design for apps, or creative packaging design.

For more on us, please visit:
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According to 72% of marketers, content creation is the most effective SEO tactic. Talk to us to enhance your digital marketing and other online engagements. It's the most important key to the growth and success of your business today.

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For digital marketing, online engagements and creative social media marketing and management.

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